At The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital, we are taking preventative measures to ensure everyone’s safety in this difficult time. Our goal is to continue to offer the medical care your pets’ need and be available to get your pets’ medications and food in this pandemic.

Our goal is to continue to offer the medical care your pets need and be available to get your pet’s medications and food in this pandemic.

This is a revised protocol in response to the Ontario Government mandatory closure of all non-essential services. Veterinarian are essential but have been instructed to provide URGENT CARE ONLY.

We are following the recommendations of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association guidelines.
We are seeing emergencies, sick patients, blood tests that are required for immediate illness monitoring, vaccine boosters that are time sensitive and Parvo-Rabies vaccines for at risks puppies. Surgeries/dentisteries are still available if it is a time-sensitive procedure or if the pet is painful and the pain cannot be controlled with medications.

We are NOT scheduling health visits, preventative care, nail trims and elective surgeries (spay/neuter) at this time. We will create a waiting list for patients that have to be reschedule.

It will be possible for owners to pick up preventative medications, food and prescriptions by contacting us by e-mail or phone. Keep in mind, most likely the phone lines will be busy so leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are still having a:

“closed doors” policy.

WE ARE STILL OPEN but our doors are locked. This measure is to help minimize traffic in the hospital and making it safer for our staff and our clients.
Please ring the door bell (might not work so listen carefully) and a staff member will come greet you outside the hospital. Be patient as they may be helping someone else.

Maintain a distance of 2 meters between you, our staff, other people and pets.

To help respect social distancing, owners will not be allowed in the hospital with their pet any longer (with a few exceptions)

A team member will greet you outside and a veterinarian will call you once your pet is beeing examined. To help us understand your pet’s illness it is recommended to send us a list of symptoms/questions by e-mail prior to the appointment.

For payment, we will accept payment over the phone, by e-transfer or a team member can come outside with our wireless debit/credit machine. Cash transaction are discouraged whenever possible

Food/medication purchases: please call us or e-mail us ahead and pre-pay over the phone. Once you arrive your order with your receipt will be ready and an associate will bring it outside.

Our phone number: 613-837-PETS (7387).
Our e-mail:

We ask that clients that have respiratory signs, have traveled in the past 14 days or had exposure to COVID-19 inform our staff and not come in our hospital. If your pet is having a medical emergency, please call ahead and inform our staff that you are at-risk or positive for COVID-19. We may be able to receive your pet through a family member or friend who has not been exposed to you, or receive your pet directly from a vehicle.

We also have reduced the number of appointments per day and reduced some opening business hours to help our limited amazing staff to assist you and your pets during this crisis.

Please note, our hospital will notify clients by phone or e-mail if the hospital has to reschedule appointments. The situation is constantly evolving and our hours of operation might change with very short notice.

We understand and share your concerns about COVID-19. Please rest assured we are monitoring the situation closely and the safety of our staff, patients and clients are our priority.