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Dr Annie Séguin, Dr Bernard Vincelette, their 4 kids (Gabriel, Amélie, Xavier and Alexandre) and Kara

Dr Bernard Vincelette, DMV

Small animal practice (cats and dogs). Started The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital in 2017.
Graduated from University of Montreal in 1998. Practiced 6 years in Virginia (USA) as a veterinarian and medical director. Moved to Ottawa in 2004, did various relief work for local veterinary hospitals. Shortly after moving back to Canada, he started to practice at Clarence-Rockland Veterinary Hospital in 2005 up until May 2014. While getting The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital ready to open Dr. Vincelette would do locum work around Ottawa. He now concentrates all his professional activities at The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Vincelette has a special interest in surgery and dental health. When he is not working, he enjoys hiking in the woods with his four kids and the family dog Kara. 

He strives to provide good and compassionate care to his patients and their family. He is a great surgeon and can provide surgery service that are beyond what is offered by many veterinarians. He enjoys challenging cases and finds great satisfaction at improving the life of his patients.

Dr Annie Séguin, DMV

Dr Annie Séguin grew up in a small village south of Montreal. For as long as she remembers she always wanted to become a veterinarian. She achieved her dream and graduated from University of Montreal in 2001. Started The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital in 2017.

She practiced 3 years in Virginia (USA) for a general practice as a small animal veterinarian then moved to Ottawa in 2004 where she continued to obtain valuable experiences in various hospitals in the Capital region. Dr Vincelette and Dr Seguin then decided to open The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital in January 2017 to be able to practice the quality of care they would like for their own pets. Their goal was to open a family-friendly hospital when the whole team takes the time to focus on each pet’s needs.

Dr. Seguin is dedicated on educating owners about the care of their furry friends and treat various illnesses. She always provides compassionate care and loves to get to know the whole family. She is interested in all aspects of medicine but holds a special place in her heart for aging cats and dogs.

When she is not working, she enjoys baking, reading, playing with her cats Indy and Frodo or hiking in the woods with her 4 kids and family dog Kara.

Daniel Guirguis, DVM

Dr Daniel Guirguis

Joined The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital in 2020. Dr. Dan Guirguis was born and raised in Mississauga Ontario, however his family is originally from Cairo, Egypt. His parents are both veterinarians, and so he has been exposed to the world of veterinary medicine all his life. He attended the University of Guelph before moving to New Zealand for five years in order to complete his veterinary degree at Massey University in 2019. He has a special interest in small animal nutrition, and continues to sharpen his surgical and medical skills with the team at THV.

When not practicing as a vet he tries to spend as much of his free time in the outdoors as he can. This has led him to hobbies such as hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and mountain biking. When the weather is poor, he can be found cooking a good meal, reading a new book, or trying his hand at creative hobbies. He also enjoys a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Amy Jewiss, DVM

Dr Amy Jewiss, Nathan and their kids

Joined The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital in 2021. Dr Amy Jewiss, originally from Huntsville Ontario, graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 2008. Since then, she has practiced in various disciplines and on five different continents. Moving to Ottawa in 2012 with her husband Nathan, she settled into small animal medicine where her heart lies. Her special interests include soft tissue surgery and integrative medicine, earning her Certified Veterinary Acupuncture accreditation from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 2014. She is pleased to provide your pets with only the best, most up-to-date care.

Amy recharges her batteries through dancing, making music and painting. She is a proud mom of two littles and pet mom of a slobbery, active Irish setter named Dougal.

Rebecca Melanson, Veterinary Technician RVT, Fear Free Certified, KPA-CTP

Rebecca and Hodari her African Grey

Rebecca graduated from Oulton College in 2013 and has been working around the Maritimes for 3 and a half years as a registered veterinary technician before moving to Ottawa in October 2016. Her biggest passions and interests are working with exotic pets, client education,  behavior modification for parrots, pocket pets as well as dogs. By November 2018 she joined the parrot partners crew as a weekly volunteer to gain more experience working with a variety of birds. In September 2019 she became Fear Free Certified as a veterinary professional and implemented progressive fear free experiences for her patients.  Now graduated from Karen Pryor Academy. When not working she spends her time gaming, reading, hiking or doing something artistic (crochet, drawing, painting). Her current flock consist of a red foot tortoise named Meatball, an African Grey named  Hodari, a  Cockatiel named Artemis and a Pionus Parrot named Chino.

Lynne & Gizmo

Lynne Brault, Veterinary Technician

Joined our team in 2019. Graduated at College Boreal- campus d’Alfred in 2018.  She has a cat named Charlie and a dog named Gizmo. She has an interest in hydro therapy, dentistry and enjoys large animals just as much as the small ones. Hobbies include hiking, playing the piano, camping and any summer activities.

Melissa Henry, Veterinary Technician RVT


Joined the team in 2020. Prior to completing the Veterinary Technician program at Algonquin College, Melissa earned a Biology degree from Carleton University. Melissa has experience working with a wide range of species, having spent 6 years working at a local wildlife rehabilitation centre. She has also travelled to Africa to volunteer with animals and participate in conservation initiatives. Melissa is the proud owner of a cat named Yoda, a bearded dragon Elsa and her goofy Bernese Lab Mix, Thor. When she’s not working, Melissa enjoys playing sports, arts and crafts and volunteering for multiple organizations including Toy Mountain and fostering cats for the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue.

Jessica Gosselin, Veterinary Technician RVT

Jessica, Olivia and Toby

Joined us in 2020. Jessica graduated from University of Guelph – Campus d’Alfred in 2014. She has worked in small practice for most of her career. She’s had a love for animals since a young age and has always known she would one day work in animal medicine. She loves spending time with her daughter Olivia and her boyfriend Jesse as well as going to the park with the family dog Toby. She has a passion for keeping up with the most recent medical advances, reading and writing fiction novels and LARPing is where you are most likely to find her on weekends.

Krystal Lafond Forget, Veterinary Technician

Krystal’s bio is coming soon.

Alexia & Bonnie

Alexia Gravel, Client Care Coordinator

Alexia is currently studying at the University of Ottawa undertaking a Bachelor of Science specialized in Psychology. She has loved animals of all sizes since a very young age. Alexia’s hobbies include spending time at the cottage, playing or watching hockey, hiking and enjoying life with her dog Bonnie.

Julie Fortier, Client Care Coordinator, Administration

Julie graduated from the University of Sherbrooke with a bachelor’s degree in business administration before meeting her Military husband. His career brought them to live in many different parts of the country and even in the USA. Julie lived most of her life surrounded by animals. In the past years, she’s done Obedience competition with the CKC and took part in Dock Diving competition with her dogs. She even dabbled in agility. She currently shares her spare time between her family including her 2 daughters, her dog Mia and her jewellery creation business. Her family has a passion for cruising, camping, skiing and hiking.

Samantha Le Blanc, Veterinary Assistant


Part of the team since 2020. Samantha is currently working toward her diploma at Algonquin College in the Veterinary Technician program. Samantha has worked with animals in shelters for over a decade in different roles. She also participates in reptile education events in Ottawa mainly focused on educating children about care for both pet and wild reptiles. Her biggest passion is large breed dogs and making vet visits a fun and positive experience for all pets.. At home Sam has two daughters who share in the caring for their Bernese mix named Zelda, a black cat named Sisco, a ball python named Joyce and a tarantula named Cotton Candy.

Jade Delisle, Veterinary Assistant

Jade and Mushu

Jade joined our team in 2020. Jade is currently a senior in high school and is planning to continue her studies to become a Veterinary Technician. She always had a passion for animals, big and small. Jade has two cats named Fluffy and Victor, and a crested gecko named Mushu. In her free time, Jade enjoys going camping, hiking, playing the guitar or doing arts.

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