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1 year anniversary!!!

The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital officially opened it’s doors January 18th 2017.

We offer medical consultation, vaccinations, emergency services, surgeries and dentistry. We are proud to have 3

licensed veterinary technicians working with us (yes, we have just hired a 3rd technician to help us). They are

knowledgeable and can help you with your pet’s needs. All our staff and veterinarians are fully bilingual.

Dr. Vincelette and Dr Séguin have 36 years of combined experience caring for cats and dogs. Their expertise has been

greatly appreciated by all their clients. Their focus is to offer the best possible care in a family-friendly practice.

In the past year, The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital started supporting the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue and is partnering with

FocusVet (Ottawa French Catholic School Board) to teach young teenagers about veterinary medicine with coop


As you may have noticed, The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital is also doing different articles on each BANAR issue to help

educate people on topics related to their pet’s health.

We have grown so much thanks to all of your support! If you haven’t met us, please stop by for a visit!

Spring is finally around the corner

Spring is finally around the corner! Unfortunately, ticks are active when it’s above 4 degrees Celsius:

What can you do to prevent ticks on your pet:

· Ticks mostly live in tall grass, cedar edges and wooded areas. It’s always a good idea to do a tick check

on your pet and also yourself when going in those areas.

· Ask your veterinarian about tick prevention or if the lyme vaccination is a good option for your dog.

Tick species:

· There are several species of ticks. Please make sure the tick prevention you are using for your pet is

effective against the Deer Tick (Ixodes Scapularis). This tick is the one that can transmit Lyme Disease.

· A good tick prevention should protect your pet for a minimum of one month against several tick species

Although less common, there are several other diseases that ticks can give your dog besides Lyme.