As the Ontario Government is lifting someof the restrictions, we are adjusting our protocols. We are curretnly are offering all our normal services including preventive care and elective procedures like neutering and nail trims.

Also be aware that our phone lines will be experiencing much higher usage due to distancing and the line may be busy quite often. It will be possible for owners to pick up preventative medications, food and prescriptions by contacting us by e-mail or phone. Keep in mind, most likely the phone lines will be busy so leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible or you can also choose to communicate through e-mail.

We are still having a:

“closed doors” policy as this is still the current recommendation by the Veterinary Associations and the College of Veterinarian.

WE ARE STILL OPEN but our doors are locked. This measure is to help minimize traffic in the hospital and making it safer for our staff and our clients. Since the renovation are underway, the waiting room currently does not have enough space to provide enough social distancing. Once the waiting room is fully operational, we will allow people to come inside if the government restriction allows it at the time.
Please ring the door bell and a staff member will come greet you outside the hospital. Be patient as they may be helping someone else or be helping someone on the phone.

Maintain a distance of 2 meters between you, our staff, other people and pets.

To help respect social distancing, we have a limit of 1 person in the hospital with their pet for appointments (with a few exceptions). Exceptions are for euthanasia (2 persons), kids less than 2 years of ages (in a stroller or other transporting device). Masks are mandatory (except kids under 2) and hands mush be washed with a desinfecting solution. A team member will greet you outside

For payment, transactions can be done outside (portable point-of-service decit/credit card machine) if the client was not inside or will be done inside the exam room if the client was inside for the appointment . Cash transaction are discouraged whenever possible

Food/medication purchases: please call us or e-mail us ahead. Transactions will be done outside.

Our phone number: 613-837-PETS (7387).
Our e-mail:

We ask that clients that have respiratory signs, have traveled in the past 14 days or had exposure to COVID-19 inform our staff and not come in our hospital. If your pet is having a medical emergency, please call ahead and inform our staff that you are at-risk or positive for COVID-19. We may be able to receive your pet through a family member or friend who has not been exposed to you, or receive your pet directly from a vehicle.

Please note, our hospital will notify clients by phone or e-mail if the hospital has to reschedule appointments. The situation is constantly evolving and our hours of operation might change with very short notice.

We understand and share your concerns about COVID-19. Please rest assured we are monitoring the situation closely and the safety of our staff, patients and clients are our priority.