We are sorry to announce that Dr Amy Jewiss is retiring from clinical practice due to her health. She has suffered further complications and is no longer able to work with us (as of yesterday). While we hope this may change in the future, as far as we know, this change is permanent.

Dr Daniel Guirguis will be leaving us soon to pursue long term training in advanced surgeries in British Columbia. While he may return to Ottawa in the future, this is also, as far as we know, a permanent change.

Due to the massive veterinarian shortage that is currently underway in Ontario (and for Canada), we do not have anyone secured for replacing them. We are actively trying to recruit and hope that we will find veterinarians to join our team.

In the interim, Dr Annie Séguin and Dr Bernard Vincelette will be the only veterinarians at The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital. Clients of Dr Jewiss and Guirguis will be taken on by Dr Vincelette and Dr Séguin. However, to try to best serve our current clientele, we won’t be able to take on new clients until more veterinarian(s) join us.

We also will have to change our business hours to reflect our new reduced capacity and to make this sustainable/avoid professional burnout. We will now be closed on Saturday (starting December 18th) and close 1 hour earlier for all the weekdays (starting December 15th)

.Both Dr Séguin and Vincelette will be working more hours and will expect to be able to provide the care to our existing clients with the support of our team.We will continue to provide the same care and dedication we have in the past. We appreciate your support in these difficult times.


Dr. Amber Covello joins our team. His help allows us to accept new patients. We will adjust the number of patients we accept based on the capacity to serve our existing clientele.

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