Getting your Cat Use to the Carrier

Bringing your cat to the veterinarian can be quite a stressful ordeal, to start many cats hate going into the carrier and car. When a pet comes to our hospital, we want the experience to be as stress free as possible. With that being said, we need your help to make that possible,
the veterinary visit starts from home!

Your cat should LOVE his or her carrier, if you only bring the carrier out when the cat goes to the vet it will be seen as all that is evil! Below are steps to take to make the carrier your cats favorite nesting spot.

1) Carriers that have an easily detachable top are best, it helps with training and for the veterinarian to do an exam in the cats most comfortable place.

2) To start, remove the door and top half of the carrier. The carrier should be out in your cats favorite room, cats like to be up high so on an elevated surface is best. Note: If your cat has difficulties climbing the floor will work just fine.

3) Place familiar and cozy blankets inside the carrier and spray with Feliway, these synthetic pheromones help kitties feel relaxed.

4) Food/toys can be placed around and inside the carrier to entice the cat to explore. Always reward your cat when he/she explores the kennel, treats will be phased out when cat is comfortable being inside the carrier.

5) Once your cat is comfortable resting in the carrier the top half can be re-attached, do not attach the door. Repeat step 4.

6) Finally, once your kitty is resting comfortably in the carrier attach the door but keep it open. To get the cat use to being locked inside, place his/her meals in the carrier, let the cat voluntarily enter, once he/she starts to eat close the door behind. Open once he/she is finished eating.

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